Food Bank collection

As an administrator of the I Love Leith Facebook Group, which currently has over 5000 members, I wondered if we could put our collective purses together to help those in need.img_0231

Leith and our group has a strong history of supporting those in need and I thought Christmas 2016 would be a good chance to do something good.

Edinburgh North East Foodbank runs local food banks throughout our area, so I thought why not raise £200 to help them out.  We eventually raised £600, with that to be split 50/50 between groceries and toiletries. We used Justgiving as our online crowdfunding platform.

Members of the I Love Leith Facebook Group did themselves proud, our massive donation will help support other Leithers who are in need and help to alleviate poverty. All in all, we had 36 crates of shopping delivered to the food bank.  A resounding success.

Massive thank you to everyone who donated, every pound made a difference and it gives me the confidence to perhaps try another crowdfunding campaign amongst members in 2017.


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