New Year Honours 2017

As is customary at this time of year Her Majesty The Queen has announced who she will be granting honours to in the New Years Honours List.


Predatory sex offender Jimmy Savile was Knighted by HM The Queen.

1,197 people are being awarded honours such as the Queens Police Medal or are being admitted to the Order of the British Empire.

I really am of two minds on the current honours system.

On one hand it is a valuable & respected way to recognise those who have shown outstanding & longstanding commitment to their profession, community or country. And I think that is something which should be recognised.

But on the other hand it does seem rather archaic to award honours referring to our British Empire.

As someone who spent some time living in the Borders town of Galashiels, I was pleased to see that well known, well loved & well respected Ice Cream man Adam Kelly (aged 94) gets some recognition in this years list.

We need an honours system that is fit for purpose, fit for the future and rewarding the right people for the right things throughout the UK.

I hope to add to the discussions already taking place around the UK honours system by making this blog post and starting a petition asking for Royal Commission to be established to consider the future of UK honours.


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